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  • These facilities are for the use of members and their families.

  • The standard of use and behaviour should be consistent with a family focussed environment.

  • The use of bad language, excessive alcohol consumption, and other forms of generally unacceptable/antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in access being terminated.

  • Members undertake and agree to observe all usage rules as set out below and as may be further stipulated by RPCF Incorporated and to be responsible for the observance of such rules by the family members/residents listed in their application for membership/usage rights (or substitutions agreed by RPCF Incorporated).

  • Any accidents/incidents must be recorded in the Health & Safety Manual as provided in the Community Lounge and reported to RPCF Secretary at

(1) Membership

  • An application form for usage rights must be completed and accepted by RPCF Incorporated.

  • RPCF Incorporated has the right to suspend, waive, alter or amend the terms and conditions of use and usage rules at any time.

  • RPCF Incorporated has the ability to suspend usage rights for any breach of the rules by the Member or any person for whom the Member is responsible.


(2) Access

  • Access is available only to Members and their nominated family member or co-residents named in the Application Form (or substituted for them by the Member).

  • Access will be by way of electronic swipe card.

  • Only one swipe card will be issued per household – no duplicates.

  • Swipe cards may only be used by the member and family members/residents residing at the address to whom access to community facilities is granted.

  • Swipe cards may not be used by any other third party.

  • Members’ guests must be accompanied by a residential Member.

  • Members are not to use swipe cards to allow access for non members - if they have left their card at home they must go and get it.

  • Unauthorised access of the facility is prohibited (this includes out of hours access or access to any area of the facilities internal or external which is in any way restricted on either a temporary or permanent basis). All unauthorised access will be trespassed and membership cancelled.

  • A $25 replacement fee will be charged for lost or damaged cards. This will be reviewed and may be amended from time to time.

(3) Pricing

  • The annual usage charges are currently set at $600 ( 1 Year paid monthly )  $550( 1 Year paid upfront) an, $450 ( for Summer membership Nov - April (  5 months paid upfront) ,$350 for  Winter membership( 5 months paid upfront)   and are reviewed annually by RPCF Incorporated.

  • The user accepts and agrees to pay the annual usage charges as set for each year of membership.


4) Hours of operation

  • The hours of operation where access is available are currently 6am to 10pm daily but may be varied at RPCF Incorporated’s discretion.

  • Access may be suspended if required for any reasonable purpose and at RPCF Incorporated’s discretion from time to time.

  • RPCF Incorporated reserves the right to close or limit access for any marketing or promotional activities or private use from time to time.


(5) Pool Rules

  • Children under 16 years must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.

  • No running around the pool area.

  • No glassware around the pool area.

  • No jumping or diving into the pools.

  • No dogs permitted within the community facility area.

  • Smoking is not permitted in any part of the community facility area.

  • The main access gate must be kept closed at all times.

  • The last person to leave the facility is responsible for ensuring pool covers are in place, all barbecues are turned off and all windows and doors to the building and all gates are closed and locked and the facility is generally secure.


(6) Gym Rules

  • Facilities and equipment are available for use only at the risk of users and without liability of any kind to RPCF Incorporated.

  • No unaccompanied children in the gym.

  • Swimwear is not to be worn in the gym.

  • Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times.

  • Users are responsible for ensuring equipment is clean and ready for the next user after use.


(7) Property Damage

  • Users are responsible for any damage they or their guests may cause to premises or equipment.

  • Any misuse or damage of the property will incur a $250 fee and possible cancellation of membership.

  • RPCF Incorporated shall not be liable for any loss or damage to user property.


(8) Club Room

  • Booking: A booking system will be put in place for Members use for Members’ functions.

  • Cleaning: Members are required to leave the club room as is with furniture in place, clean and tidy the club rooms after their own use. If a Member leaves a mess they may be charged cleaning costs.

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