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Riverside Park Community Facility is a not-for-profit Incorporated Society.  The volunteer board members are committed to providing and preserving our great community asset in perpetuity, for the well-being and benefit of all members. 



RPCF is a place to share with family and friends right in your back yard. I live in Albert Town and enjoy the low-key feeling of the facility with my two teenaged sons and my partner.  My background is in accounting, not-for-profit leadership, funding, entrepreneurship, copy writing, teaching and consulting. I joined the board as Chairperson when the facility was handed over to our Incorporated Society from Infinity Investments who built the complex when the  subdivision was developed.  Together with the awesome team of board members, we've made a commitment to developing a greater sense of community ownership of RPCF. Feel free to contact me for information. 



Hi, I'm Ben. I have a background in Mechanical Design Engineering and I am currently studying towards a Graduate Diploma in Business. Since moving to New Zealand in 2006, I have managed accommodations in Fiordland National Park, Aoraki/Mt. Cook National Park and Wanaka. I am an avid mountain biker and together with my wife and two pre-school children I absolutely love exploring the outdoors around Wanaka. I feel very blessed to raise our children in this amazing part of the world. Having RPCF so close to home is the icing on the cake. How lucky we are!  I look forward to working with all members to keep the facilities in great shape so everyone in our community can continue to enjoy this amazing asset we have. 



I'm Helen, a Mechanical Engineer and Mum of 2 preschoolers, Bryn and Megan. I love being in the outdoors, particularly skiing, rock climbing, mountaineering, tramping, mountain biking, kayaking and swimming - which is why living in Albert Town is so much fun! I've been a member of RPCF since 2012 and I really enjoy the facilities. I have an interest in finances so I volunteered to take on the position of Treasurer on the board.  I manage anything money related for the Society from membership fees and paying contractors to funding maintenance and balancing the accounts. Since 2017, I've also been taking care of the day-to-day maintenance of the pool and spa, so I am the go-to-person if you see anything at the pool that needs attention. 



Hi, I’m Sara Sheehan.  I originate from the North Island, however I have lived in Wanaka since

2001 and here in Albert Town itself since 2009.

My husband and our daughter and I love the opportunities that we have living in this beautiful part of New Zealand.  We especially enjoy the close proximity to the river trails and the lakes for picnics and adventures. We are regularly at the Riverside Park Community

Facility over the summer, swimming, relaxing and making the most of the warm summer

days. We find it is a fantastic place to take the family, spend time there with friends for a BBQ and a swim in the pool.



Hi, I am Mike Tompkins.  It is fantastic to be able to call Albert Town and this surrounding area home.  As kids this was our second home for family holidays. So after travelling for many years far and wide in the commercial and industrial construction industry in Europe, I am really happy to be able to come back and live and  work here in Wanaka.  It is a real privilege to live amongst the lakes, rivers and mountains of this region. I am the go-to-person for any maintenance issues with the buildings at RPCF, so please get in touch if you notice anything that needs attention.

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